Evlyn Esi Somevi (Host/Lead Presenter)
11 April 2018

The Easter Festivities were crowned with a picnic at Aflao in the Volta South Apostle Area. On Monday, 2nd April, 2018. Rector Delali Agbozo facilitated the success of the programme.

Adult Women at Aflao Congregation took their turns to enlighten themselves through discussions on topical issues affecting women in general. These include their roles as Christian Women, building of their faith, cleanliness, holiness, and submissiveness.   These topics were handled by professionals e.g. Nurses and Teachers in the congregation.

The Confirmands staged choreography and presented gifts to the Sunday School Children to bid them farewell; as they (Confirmands) would be ushered into the Youth Group.

While the Women engaged in their debate, the Men Group prepared and served the picnic meal jointly to show their love and commitment in House of the Lord. 120 members including guests attended the programme.