Front view of the Kyekyewere congregation building under construction
11 April 2018

On the 8th of April, 2018, the youth of Tutuka and Stadium congregation mobilized themselves to have Divine service with Kyekyewere congregation in Obuasi District of Konongo Apostle Area. The purpose was to contribute their quarter to aid the Kyekyewere congregation to fill the floor of the building structure put up by the members.

The gentlemen did the mixing of the concrete and flooring whiles the ladies did the fetching and carrying of the water and concrete. They youth had a small party after the day’s work. Community Evangelist and Rector, Atiah Robert, thanked and blessed the youth for their amazing efforts exhibited for Christ and the church.

 “We are the future of our church. We must give our best to our master so that we will be blessed and have eternal life. We need to support the small congregations which have no buildings. It is our believe that givers never lack so will we do whatever we can as far as we have strength in Christ.” These and many more were said by the youth leader, Prince Nana Yaw Ntisem.

Nearly 100 youths and adults met for the work. It was all joy during and after the hard work. Youth! “Be strong in Christ”.