Apostle Oppong Brenya at the altar
9 April 2018

On Easter Monday, 2nd April, 2018, a day after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, presented an opportunity for Lead Apostle Samuel Oppong – Brenya to conduct Divine Service for children in the Kumasi District at Kumasi Central Church. At the service were the Apostle Amos Osei – Du, District Leaders, Ministers, Sunday School and Confirmation class Teachers. The lesson for the children was captured in the text that was chosen from 1 Samuel 2: 18, “Now Samuel was ministering before the Lord, as a boy wearing a linen ephod”.  The Lead Apostle told the children that God has chosen children in the past for His work and mentioned Samuel and Jeremiah as examples. Apostle further used John the Baptist and Jesus Christ as others that God through Angel Gabriel, informed their parents about their birth before their mothers became pregnant. He said Jesus Christ was about His father’s business at a young age and brought salvation to mankind. He urged the children to be obedient and take active part in the activities of the Church because some of them are future Ministers, Choir Masters, Sunday school and Confirmation Class Teachers.

There were displays of talents by the children as they recited bible quotations, the Ten Commandments, the ten articles of faith and singing of hymns. The children also used role plays to demonstrate some of the lessons learnt in Sunday school. In attendance were 485 children.