Apostle Osei-Du at the altar
9 April 2018

Apostle Amos Osei-Du conducted Divine Service for Kumasi District on, 1st April 2018 at Kumasi Central. An Easter Sunday that marked the resurrection from the dead of Our Lord Jesus Christ, brought 1,933 members from all the congregations in the Kumasi District together. The text for this special occasion was Acts 10: 40 – 42 and Apostle Amos told the members that Jesus Christ revealed Himself to those who believe in His resurrection. He therefore called on the members to proclaim His resurrection, His Work and His return. Apostle Amos said the proclamation must be in words and deeds, and that is what is expected of us as Christians.

During the Divine service, 20 members who have reached the age of spiritual maturity and must bear full responsibility before God for their life of faith were confirmed. 42 other members also received Holy Sealing.