Role play Conflict Resolution
12 March 2018

Human capacity building is the strength of any organization, this was the brain behind the seminar held from 16 – 17 February 2018. It is worth stating that the two day seminar was full of activities. This method of teaching and learning helped in achieving all the stated objectives. This is because the interest of all the participants to learn and acquire knowledge and skill was sustained throughout the entire period.

The lead facilitators District Elder Richard Osei and Priest Moses Amafu put their expertise to the fore as they encouraged each and every one to have a grasp of all the skills required to be able to relay the knowledge to others.

The learning process was nicely and actively interposed with icebreakers as a way of breaking boredom and fatigue. Participants also dramatized and or role play all the topics.

The Way to God, Parents and Children, Jesus is the way to God, what is a Minister, End of Ministry, Conflict Resolution, Visiting the Sick, Confirmation and Ordination were some of the topics treated.

Apostle Benjamin Pidah who is in charge of the Volta Central Apostle Area was in attendance and duly participated in all the activities. In his closing remarks the Apostle encouraged all the participants to be ambassadors of the knowledge and skill they have acquired at the two day seminar.