Minister translating into Twi at the Sunyani congregation
25 February 2018

It was another Sunday, the calendar read 18th February, 2018. Members of the New Apostolic Church worldwide approached the altar of grace. In Ghana, it was no different story. Usually, divine service began in most congregations throughout the country at 10:00 am GMT. However, it was quite a different case that day in some congregations; divine service started at 9:00 am GMT. One couldn’t miss the service nor any other divine service for anything in the world.

District Apostle Michael Enrich conducted a divine service at Stöllingen. The good news was that, measures had been put in place to ensure a live transmission of the service throughout Ghana and many other countries. At exactly 9:00 am GMT, the divine service began. "And he answered and said unto them, My mother and brethren are these which hear the word of God, and do it.", Luke 8:21. With this word, the District Apostle ministered onto us all. We followed every phase of the service as keenly and orderly as always. It seemed to us as if the District Apostle was not in Stöllingen but right here in congregations, where we fellowshipped.

Our hearts were filled with thanks to the Lord, for He is truly faithful. His word reached us through His Apostles; unlimited by place or distance. 26 other congregations recording 3505 participants were able to transmit the divine service live.