Apostle Oppong-Brenya thanking District Elder Oehler  at the end of the three-day seminar
23 January 2018

It was another wonderful and memorable time with District Elder Oehler, Seminar Supervisor from Germany, during the three days seminar held for all chief tutors and their deputies across Ghana.

Apostle Oppong - Brenya Samuel, the Lead Apostle expressed his gratitude to the Lord for making it possible for the first ever and maiden seminar for senior choirmasters to be successfully executed. He was also emphasised that the future of the church is bright considering the stock of young people the church is endowed with, therefore, when all of us work hard for the success of this knowledge transfer, the result will be a brighter future for the church.

The chief facilitator, District Elder Oehler, exhibited a blend of varying teaching techniques during the main seminar sections to actively involve all participants to contribute fully in the three days seminar program. It was all about sharing of ideas and experiences for the purpose of transfer of knowledge, leading to change in behaviour, for onward impartation of the acquired new knowledge, to ministers and teachers in the various Apostle working areas.

Participants were given topics from Minister 2, Basic 2, Sunday School, Confirmation seminar manuals and topics from the Teacher’s manual for Sunday School instruction in the N A C for presentation. They were entreated with wonderful presentations dominated by fascinating and educative role plays by their own colleagues. Each participant had the opportunity to do a presentation. In all more than 33 key topics were treated within the period.

District Elder Oehler took participants through the road map into the future on seminar priority areas to ease the work load on the administration office. He also illustrated some few changes to be enforced in the near future, such as a new teaching manual for Sunday School. Strategies to increase Sunday School and Confirmation class attendances were also discussed vividly.

The numbering system for the new Hymnal was also discussed.

On the third day, exclusively for all apostles and bishops, Bishop Asare made the final presentation concerning the thoughts of our Chief Apostle on the topic – “Salvation in the new creation.” He educated all on the final reward of all ministers and children of God. District Elder Oehler also lectured on “Conflict Resolution” with presentations by the participants.

The Lead Apostle in his closing remarks urged all participants to strive to help achieve our goals - to intensify and improve spiritual education of children, to increase attendance at Divine Services, to encourage members to sacrifice and also bring to fulfillment his desire of Sunday School and Confirmation Class in all congregations by the year 2020. He also expressed his gratitude to District Elder Oehler, Bishop Ampadu (Rtd) and to all for their marvelous works and with high expectation charge all the Chief Tutors to improve their seminar work to an appreciative level with the fact that they were the few selected to represent the lot.