Apostle Oppong and other Apostles and Bishops
29 December 2017

The Music Festival 2017, came off successfully on the 23rd December at the Accra Central church premise (Accra Apostle Area).

The event, being the first of its kind and organized under the inspiration of the Lead Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya, saw five apostle area choirs come together to perform as a united choir. In addition, each choir sang separately to the gathered audience. The choirs involved were from the Kumasi Apostle area, Cape Coast Apostle area, Takoradi Apostle area, Ho-Central Apostle Area and Accra Apostle area.

The 3-part festival began with an opening hymn followed by an opening prayer by the Lead Apostle. The first part saw the over 300-man mass choir performing 8 songs, 6 from our New Apostolic Church (NAC) hymnal. The second part witnessed each apostle area choir performing 5 songs as selected and rehearsed by themselves. There were also performances by the NAC brass ensemble (including a 9-year old conductor-led performance). The concluding part saw the Apostle area choirs coming together to perform the Hallelujah chorus following the Christmas and New Year message from the Lead Apostle.

In his address, the Lead Apostle advised against the lure of get-rich-quick schemes, the excessive desire for material gains and the growing trend of deceitful alternative appeal for salvation and spiritual enlightenment. He encouraged all to hold onto and endure in our faith, be diligent in our works and stay patient in wait for God’s approval.

The 4-hour event was also attended by Apostle Ashie-Kotei (Cape Coast Area), Apostle Osei-Du (Kumasi Apostle Area), Apostle George Sam (Takoradi Apostle Area) and Apostle Ohene-Saffo (Accra Apostle Area). Also in attendance were Bishop Ampofo (Takoradi Apostle Area), Bishop Asare (Accra Apostle Area) and other District Leaders from the various Apostle areas.  Also present was Apostle Kotei Afutu (retired).

The festival which had about 600 members and guests in audience came to an end following a prayer by Bishop Asare (Accra Apostle Area).