Apostle Oppong is welcomed by fellow Apostles
27 November 2017

In November, 2016, the Divine Service for Tertiary Students and Alumni all over Ghana was launched.

The purpose of this action is to unite the elite youth of the New Apostolic Church to bring forth their talents and strength in building the Church of God.  The first divine service of this sort was held at the Kumasi Central Church. It was therefore set to be organized annually.

How shall a young man cleanse his way?

The second annual Divine Service for Tertiary Students and Alumni has been held. The festive divine service was held at the Accra Central Church as scheduled the previous year. On Saturday, 18th November, 2017, 305 students and Alumni of various Tertiary institutions in Ghana gathered at the afore mentioned venue.

“How shall a young man cleanse his ways?...” Psalm 119:9-10, was the theme for the gathering. Accompanied by eight other Apostles and district leaders from various districts, the Lead Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya served the children of the Lord. “A heart of servitude is what makes a great servant of God”, the Apostle said. In order to serve the Lord diligently, the brethren were admonished to cleanse their ways.

It was taught that a man can cleanse his ways by first admitting that he is a sinner. The second step to take is self-examination.  After examining one’s self, one must receive the word of God as the light that leads to change. Finally, one must seek the guidance of God through consistent prayer. Simply put, the way of cleansing is seeking the way of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The gathering for the year 2018 was scheduled to be held at Cape Coast.