District Leaders singing
25 July 2017

District Apostle Michael Ehrich will visit Ghana from Thursday, 9th November to Monday, 13th November, 2017. Three Apostle Areas will be visited – Accra, Cape Coast and Volta South.

As part of the preparation towards his visit, Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya visited Volta South Apostle area. The Apostle’s visit spanned from 14th to 16th July, 2017. A meeting was held for all the District Leaders of the Apostle area on Saturday, 15th July, 2017. The Apostle conducted a festive divine service at Tsavanya where the District Apostle is scheduled to hold a divine service on Saturday 11th November, 2017.

The text for the divine service was chosen from 2 Corinthians 6:13; “You also be open…” (extract). The Apostle told the congregation to heed to the admonition of Christ to open their heart’s door. He said the text in Revelation 3:20 is symbolic of Christ's patience, persistence and affectionate appeal to men. He said Christians should take the advantage while the door of salvation is still open. He said an open heart will deepen our trust in God and also teach us to love our neighbor.

Five hundred and eighty one brethren attended the divine service. One Shepherd was ordained and appointed Rector for the Tsavanya congregation. Accompanying Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya was Apostle Wilson Dzattah in charge of the Volta South Apostle Area.