Apostle Oppong–Brenya was present at the seminar
10 July 2017

A two days seminar was held for all chief Tutors across the length and breadth of the country from the 4th of July, 2017 to the 5th of July, 2017 at the Prestige Hotel in Accra.

The facilitator for the seminar was District Elder Oehler, the one in charge of seminars for West Africa being supported by Bishop Ampadu (rtd) and Bishop Asare.

In his opening address, the Lead Apostle, Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya laid much emphasis on the importance of seminars and the integral role they play in the spiritual development of ministers and teachers.  He was however, optimistic participants will attach the expected importance to the two days training program so to challenge the current status quo of seminar organization in the country. And to achieve the objectives and goals of seminars for the fulfillment of the desired wish of our Chief Apostle, that remote congregations can pride of a formidable Sunday School and Confirmation Class – Preparing the leaders which the church needs for the future.

In his presentations, District Elder Oehler, stressed the importance of these seminars in preparing the church in Ghana to be fully self = reliance.  He urged all participants to be fully committed to make the two days training program a success. At the end of the two days knowledge transformation section, about twenty (20) topics from Minister I and Confirmation manuals were treated using a blend of group and activity methods, role plays, questions and answers techniques to sustain the interest of the participants through the two days busy and stressful but worthy seminar training period. He was optimistic the knowledge gain will be implemented to achieve the following:

  1. 1. To intensify and improve spiritual education of children.
  2. 2. To increase attendance at Divine Services.
  3. 3. To encourage members to sacrifice.

Issues regarding training seminars for choir masters starting from next year as well as seminar plans for 2018 and ensuing years were discussed.
The Lead Apostle in his closing remarks urge all participants to strive to help achieve our objectives and also bring to fulfillment  the desire of our Chief Apostle – Sunday School in all remote congregations. He also expressed his gratitude to District Elder Oehler and Bishop Ampadu (Rtd) for their marvelous works and with high expectation charge all the Chief Tutors to improve their seminar work to an appreciative level.