District Apostle Ehrich at the tomb of Apostle J. B. Kankam
20 February 2017

District Apostle Michael Ehrich conducted a divine service at Adarko Jachie, on 21st January, 2017. After the divine service, the District Apostle together with some Apostles and Bishops visited the tombs of Apostles J. B. Kankam, I.  N. Kankam and District Elder J. B. Kankam.

The three were a part of the pioneers of the New Apostolic Church in Ghana. All three hailed from Adarko Jachie. The then District Elder Schilling and Deacon J. B. Kankam who later became Apostles, testified of the New Apostolic faith in this town. It was from this little town that the New Apostolic Church was spread to many other parts of the country.