Rectors listening attentively
25 October 2016

There are seventeen active congregations in the city of Accra. Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya wanted to strengthen and encourage them to take good care of the congregations and members entrusted to their care.
The central point of the meeting was the spiritual part which the Apostle used Philippians 2:5 as the basis. “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.”
He said Christ labored to promote no separate interest. As a man he studied to promote the glory of God and the welfare and salvation of the human race. Apostle Paul advised that we should have the same disposition that was in Christ Jesus, namely, he was humble, he was patient, and laborious. His meat and drink was to do the will of his Father and to finish his work.
He said anyone wishing to be a minister must be in love with the cross. A minister will be obliged to sip at least if not to drink largely of the cup of Christ. The Apostle said a true minister of God must not consider himself a lord over Christ's flock adding that the true apostolic greatness consist in serving the followers of Christ with all the powers and talents he possesses.
The Apostle reminded the Rectors the thoughts of our Chief Apostle, “A ministry is not a rank. A minister's task in the congregation is to be vigilant and warn the members of impending danger, Ezekiel 3:17. The minister is there to serve. We have been called by God to serve Him, not by a human being or organization. A minister is therefore a servant of God. Agreeing to accept a ministry does not come with benefit. We did not become ministers, servants of God, so that we would be better off in life, we are there to serve God and the congregation.”
Also present at the meeting was Apostle Afutu Kotei who cares for Accra Apostle Area and his assistant Bishop Asare as well as the District Ministers.