Sunday school children welcoming Apostle Oppong
8 July 2016

Following the demise of the Priest and choirmaster of Gbawe congregation in the latter part of December 2015, Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya planned to visit this faithful congregation.
On the 8th of July 2016, Apostle Oppong-Brenya fulfilled this promise. He was accompanied by Apostle Afutu Kotei in charge of Accra Apostle Area.
The text word was Mark 4:25 “For whoever has, to him more will be given; but whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him.”
The Apostle said obtaining salvation is linked to the fulfillment of certain conditions namely;

Faith; without faith it is impossible to be saved, Hebrew 11:6. It is not a question of believing that Jesus is the Sun of God, he said we must trust and love Him also.

Thankfulness; Everything we have, we owe to God's grace. Thankfulness is the key to new blessings. We express our thankfulness to God for, material gifts through our offering spiritual riches through our sacrifices bringing to bear all the talents at our disposal to serve the Lord in His works of Salvation.

The willingness to learn; The Apostle cited Matthew 13:11-12 and said we must grow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit which allows us to grow in the knowledge of Christ. Whoever does not make progress in the knowledge of Christ ends up not recognizing it anymore.

Commitment; the Apostle said we must be committed to what is given us and make it grow. He cited the parables of the talents (Matthew 25:29) and that of the minas (Luke 19:20) He said we must use these spiritual gifts to serve the Lord.

The acceptance of the servants of God; the Apostle said no one can bless themselves. God often uses our neighbor to bless us. He referred to the poor widow whose creditor wanted to sell her children (cf 2 Kings 4:1-7) Elisha advised her to borrow vessels from all her neighbors, then to pour into them the oil that remained. The oil ran out when the last vessel had been filled. What would have happened if the   widow had only wanted to use her own vessel? Let us accept all the servants of God even if they do not meet our criterion. Let us accept our brother and sister because God can use them to bless us.

Two hundred and sixty one brothers and sisters and some guests attended this festive divine service. The Rector of Gbawe congregation was deservingly put on retirement after twenty years in the ministry
One Shepherd was ordained and appointed Rector for the congregation while two Community Evangelists and a Priest were ordained for other congregations.