Five Apostles graced the occasion
28 May 2016

The 25th of May every calendar year is AU (African Unity) day. A day set aside by African Leaders to commemorate African Unity. In Ghana this day is a statutory public holiday. All official and governmental activities come to a halt and main stream business is at the lowest ebb. People especially workers take a day's rest.

The New Apostolic Church members at the Old Tafo in the Kumasi Metropolis took the opportunity to commemorate the AU Day in a different fashion in what was termed “ Congregational Day” for members to fraternized with each other at the Old Tafo Church premises. The three main agenda of the program were education, entertainment and food.

The organizers invited the following;
All members of the congregation as far as possible
All Rectors of the congregations in the Kumasi Metropolis
Some elderly members of all the congregations in the Kumasi Metropolis and guests
Also invited were four other Apostles namely Oppong-Brenya, Nortey, Asampong, and Otchere to join the host Apostle Ben Nketia to grace the occasion.

Under education the theme was “Empowered by the Spirit”. Apostle Oppong-Brenya was the main speaker for twenty minutes with Apostle Nortey as the second speaker for ten minutes. Apostle Oppong-Brenya enumerated the many gifts in the Church which the Spirit has availed for the benefit of all, siting examples as the Ministry, the choir, the choirmaster, the organist, the instrumentalist, the cleaner, the Sunday school teacher, the confirmation class teacher, the vineyard worker, the alter decorator, the visitation group, the devoted member, offering and sacrifices. Apostle Nortey equated the Spirit as an oil in a moving vehicle, and said without the oil the vehicle cannot move. He said where the Spirit of God is the power of God is at work.

On entertainment the choir was at its best entertaining all present with some local renditions to the admiration of all.

There was breakfast in between the program in the form of tea, coffee, cocoa, with locally toasted bread for all. Members could talk to each other on wide range of issues during the breakfast session while some Apostles granted interviews to the youth.

The two hour program ended at 11.00 am local time. Three hundred and seventy members and guests attended the program. At the request of the members the Congregational Day should come to stay. Apostle Oppong-Brenya granted their request and the next congregational Day was scheduled to take place in Sunyani on the 22nd of September 2016 which is also a public holiday.