15 May 2016

God is very close to mankind through the Holy Spirit. This is what Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider brought home in a very impressive way in the Pentecost service.

First of all, Pentecost is a feast of thanksgiving, the Chief Apostle said. Central to our gratitude is the fact that God has sent the Holy Spirit and that this power only has an effect on earth. By way of example, the Chief Apostle mentioned five works of the Holy Spirit:
the knowledge that Jesus is the Son of God;
the divine life in the faithful through the rebirth out of water and Spirit;
the possibility to hear the word of God;
the joining of body and blood of Christ to bread and wine in Holy Communion;
the capacity of ordained ministers to carry out their tasks.

More information on the Pentecost service: http://nac.today/en/home/340373

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