A picture with the Lead Apostle
16 January 2022

Little is known about what the childhood of Lead Apostle Benjamin Ohene-Saffo was like, or about how he related with family, the church and school. Considerably more can be known in bits and pieces scattered during his sermons. However, the Sunday School children of Madina Congregation seized the opportunity to inquire about his childhood memories when the Lead Apostle visited on Sunday 9th January 2022.

The choir sang the hymn ‘Who is on the Lord’s Side?’ as part of the divine service. This hymn triggered a memory of the Lead Apostle’s childhood. As part of the sermon, the Lead Apostle narrated how he used to sing that particular hymn for his mother every night before bed. His mother would ask, “Kwabena, come and sing your song for me.”

After the divine service, the Sunday School children shared a moment with the Lead Apostle. They asked him several questions, below are some of the interactions.

Joel: What can I do to become a Lead Apostle like you?

Lead Apostle: [laughs] Take your Sunday school lessons seriously. And your confirmation classes too when you grow up. Make sure to listen to your blessings bearers. Stay dedicated to the church. That is what can make you also come up.

Angela: Dear Lead Apostle, when you were growing up did you like school?

Lead Apostle: [Smiles broadly] Definitely, I loved school!

Angela: Please share some of your experiences in school with us.

Lead Apostle: Very interesting! [laughs] Growing up I loved school because I was a brilliant boy from the beginning. I won so many awards as a child. Back in 1978, I won a national award in Science. And I still have that certificate till this day. I remember in my school days, anyone who attended Kotoko Primary School at that time would tell you, I was always among the first three brilliant students, and as for the final, I was always on top. Each time it was Speech and Prize Day, where prizes were given to students who topped in the various subjects, my dad was excited because I would always walk to the platform for the best awards. Sometimes, before I would climb down the platform, they will call me back for another best award and my dad was very excited. I also won the neatest boy award in the school. Somewhere around 1977 thereabout, I remember the late Odartey Wellington, the then guest of honour at the Speech and Prize Day, who had to get down and hug me because I won so many awards at that time. He was stunned at what I was able to do. But hey, that is as far as I can remember back in school. So school was very interesting for me.

Drawing the curtain on a beautiful day shared together, the Lead Apostle presented some stationery items to the children as most of them were preparing to return to school after the Christmas and New Year vacations.

The Lead Apostle was joined by Bishop Charles Asare, District Rector Eric Arhin and Deputy District Rector John Hammond