Apostle Lavoe having an interaction with Sunday School teachers
9 January 2022

It was all joy with songs of inspiration at the Adjoafoa Central in the Debiso District in Wiawso Apostle Area, Ghana, when about 160 members had an encounter with the Lord when they celebrated special end of year divine service on 31st December, 2021 with Apostle Augustus Adika-Lavoe.

The divine service was based on the text word from Mathew 16:15-16, “He said to them ‘But who do you say that I am.’ Simon Peter answered and said, ‘You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.’”

Beginning the service, he said, “and it came to pass when Jesus was with His disciples. Jesus wanted to know how people perceived Him to be. Many people had different perceptions about who Christ really was.”

Wrong Foundation

Jesus then asked His disciples, “So who do people say I am.” They replied and said, “Some are saying you are John the Baptist. Others are saying you are the old Prophet Elijah”. “Brethren, since the people had a wrong foundation, they did not know who Jesus Christ really was. My beloved, do you know who Jesus Christ is. As Christians, we have the faith and believe that Christ is the Son of the living God, the one who died on the Cross for our salvation”, said the Apostle.

Christ Our Future
Jesus then asked His disciples again, “‘So who you do you say I am’. Simon Peter replied and said, ‘you are Christ, the Son of the living God’. Jesus then said onto them, ‘this revelation about me is from my Father in Heaven.’”. He continued: “So members, I ask you, who do you think Jesus Christ is? As Christians, we believe that Jesus Christ is our future. Through Him we have hope and salvation. It will be very difficult for someone to have a strong friendship with another without knowing who he/she is.”

“Today, Jesus is asking us, ‘who do we think He is’. If we know Jesus Christ as our friend and source of peace, then we ought to desist from sin and try to live a righteous life in other to keep our friendship with Christ very strong”, said the Apostle.

Christ Our Salvation
Jesus Christ is the pillar of the church. Through Him, our salvation is assured. “The previous year has been a very difficult one, but throughout these difficult times, the Lord has been with us. He has the ability, power and authority over everything in this universe.”

Concluding his service, the Wiawso Working Area concluded: “As we mark the beginning of a new year, let us stay glued to the teachings of the Apostles and put all our burdens onto the Lord through worship and praises and I tell you, we shall sail through smoothly.”

The divine service was supported by District Elder Oppong (Debiso District) and District Evangelist Nyame (Debiso District).