Apostle Sam
7 January 2022

Apostle George Sam ended his first divine service of the year at the Kojokrom congregation with a key note, “it is required of us to come together in common love. This describes us as New Apostolic Christians who are being prepared for the return of Christ”.  This was on the occasion of the New Year’s service held on January 2, 2022, where he spoke on the motto for the year, ‘Together in Christ’.

The Apostle noted that the congregation is facing a lot of challenges due to the absence of togetherness and love among the members. “The question is: Are we together?” the Apostle asked, “Will we meet the moment like our forbearers have? I believe we must and I believe we will because our gathering today suggests so.”

Touching on the message from the book of Acts 2:44 which reads, ‘Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common,’ the Apostle alluded that our gathering today suggested our believe in Christ and that everything which has been achieved by the congregation was done by all and not one, for “whatever thing we do we do it in Christ”.   

The Apostle continued: “If we are not together in Christ, how can we stand as a body? We need to remember Christ’s words that if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand against life’s challenges, because our foundation of knowledge won’t be firm in the shared belief of Christ. We need to re-examine what is dividing us and see if the reasons are for our own agenda. Our house can stand if we stop trying to justify our own rules and regulations pertaining to God and stick to the bible as the only depiction of Gods truth.”

Type of togetherness    
The Apostle used the story of Judas Iscariot to explain a point to the congregation, by saying there are different type of togetherness. He continued that whereas Christ and His disciples were together, Judas and the chief priests were also together but with a common motive and mind set to betray Christ. The Apostle further told the congregation about how Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers led by Judah. The Apostle made it clear to the congregation to desist from gatherings which would not lead to the benefit of Christ and the growth of the church because “not all gatherings lead to togetherness.”

Follow Christ and Stand Together

Ending the sermon, the Apostle cautioned that if we continue to be divided over issues instead of uniting and following Christ’s teachings, our community of faith, truth and love will not stand against life’s storms. “Now is the time for us to let go of 2021 and come together to stabilize our house and not let divisions unsettle us in 2022. For if we stand together in Christ, Jesus will always be with us. Amen!”   
The Apostle who was in the company and support of his Bishop, Thomas Ampofo, was also assisted by District Rector Fenyi and Deputy District Rector Imbeah served during the united service.