The choir singing Come Hither Ye Faithful
3 January 2022

The Lord has been very faithful to us all the time, and we His children are eternally grateful to Him. Even in this time of the pandemic, the world still celebrates the birth of Jesus.  

My little granddaughter, Nana Yaa, asked me recently, “When shall we finish celebrating the outdooring of baby Jesus.” The father, Deacon Thomas, quickly interjected and replied – “when Christ comes to take us home.”  Thereabout, my phone rang and Community Evangelist Francis Tay was on the line to confirm an earlier invitation: “Hello Bishop, would you be joining us at the choral concert at Taifa?" I replied: “Yes”. “Thank you Bishop for this honour. The programme starts at 4.30pm” he concluded.

There was this subtle joy and satisfaction within me, a feeling of thankfulness to the Lord for how far the Taifa congregation has come. Taifa used to be a little congregation nurtured by Apostle Boakye (Nkawkaw Apostle area) when he was a Priest in Accra. Other Rectors who have been part in shaping the congregation are the late Community Evangelist Francis Addae, Shepherd Thompson and currently Shepherd Onyina, ably supported by Community Evangelist Francis Yaw Tay. One notable person who needs to be mentioned is District Elder Kwame Amoako Boadu of Winneba District.  He played a greater role in establishing this beautiful Taifa congregation. And then I also remember the supervisory support of the late Apostle Kankam, retired Apostle Kotei Afutu and Bishop Ampadu.

About 30-man strong choir was melodiously singing when I entered the cute chapel; I could feel goosebumps all over. According to Lead Apostle Ohene-Saffo, “the choir of Taifa congregation has been very consistent, and with their able conductors Priests Boakye (son of Apostle Boakye) and Koomson, they have grown into maturity.  The choir is frequently invited to funerals and other social engagements".

"They sing like heavenly angels”, an invited guest commented after Sister Portia, a soloist sang “Mma mo akoma ntutu" to wit “Do not be afraid." As soon as the music ended, Priest Basil Damankah, who was supported by Brother Obed Tetteh, announced the programme was live on Facebook and YouTube. I quickly posted the links on some platforms I am connected to and immediately had feedback.

The programme lined up was in three parts. The first part began with a curtain raiser performance titled La Donna è mobile as a curtain raiser. Priest Koomson then introduced the choir. Part 2 saw performances such as “Adikanfo mmo (Well done our forebears)” and “Meyi m'akyea (I will gracefully take my steps)”.

Before the part 3 began, there was a very big surprise. On behalf of the organisers, Lead Apostle Ohene-Saffo, Bishop Charles Addo-Asare and District Rector Eric Arhin, gave all the invited retired ministers, especially those invited from Accra West District, some presents and an honourary medal. The recipients were Apostle Kotei Afutu, Bishop Eric Ampadu, District Elder Kyere, Shepherds Ofosu Atta, Asokwa and Ashiboye, Community Evangelist Avevor and Deacon Kwame Owusu.  Others who were absent were also catered for.

Retired Apostle Kotei Afutu was called to give some words of inspiration for the occasion. He spoke on the need for church leaders to have a more consultative and listening approach to their leadership. He also encouraged the audience to take the initiative to live their faith and seek the growth and maintenance of their local congregations.  

The impressive choir resumed their seats and they began the third part with a collection of well-known and danceable choral medleys like Meda Akpe (Thank you) and Anuomnyam nka Nyakopon (Glory be to God), much to the appreciation of the retired senior ministers. Indeed, retired District Elder Solomon Kyere, who was once the leader of the Accra United Choir, rolled back the years as he was invited to conduct the choir in a special repeat request for Meda Akpe.

Soon, it was also over and everyone had to leave after a closing prayer by Bishop Eric Ampadu retired.  Yes, it was an evening to be remembered.