Ella and Klara with some Sunday School children
28 December 2021

Christmas is one of the great days on the Christian calendar. On beautiful days like this, many activities usually take place. On the eve of Christmas Day, I had the chance to interview two Sunday school children at the Nkawkaw-Central congregation, as they shared how they spend their Christmas days.

Reporter: Hi Ella how are you doing?
Ella: I am doing good please.

Klara: I am also doing well.

Reporter: Great, Ella & Klara. Christmas is one of the very occasions that every child wishes for a lot. Can you share with me some of your wishes for this special day?

Ella: Wow, ok. Please they are a lot-oo.

Reporter: No problem you can share with me (laughing).

Ella: Mostly, whenever we are preparing for Christmas, I ask my dad or mum to get me new dresses to take to church. Also, I ask them to take me to the shopping mall where I can pick some toys and snacks. For the snacks, I pick a lot so that I can share with my friends at church.

Oh nice that is so kind and thoughtful of you, Ella. What about you Klara?

Klara: I ask my mum to get me new cloths and then I ask my mum to take me to fun fair.

Reporter: Klara, what do you do at the funfair?

Klara: Hahaha. For me I like to swim. I would dance, paint faces and then let my mum get me ice cream.

Reporter: Then you really have lots of fun Klara. How about food, do your parents cook any special meals for you? And you dad, no activities with him?

Klara: Yes. On every Christmas day, my mum cooks goat soup and fufu for the house and invites some few friends to eat with us. My dad would also play Christmas songs for us to dance. Sometimes we hold a dancing competition with my siblings, and my dad will place a prize for whoever wins. Fortunately, I am the one that always wins.

Reporter: Oh Klara, you must be shortchanging your siblings then. They would not enjoy dancing competitions at home.

Klara: Ooooh but it is not my fault that they cannot dance as well as I do. Maybe they can also learn to dance and then also win the prize.
(Both reporter and Sunday School girls burst out laughing)

Reporter: Thank you Ella and Klara for your time.

Ella & Klara: You are welcome please.