Lead Apostle Benjamin Ohene-Saffo
27 December 2021

Lead Apostle Ohene-Saffo visited the Tema congregation with almost all the participants after National Heads of Seminars (NHS) had concluded a meeting at Osu from 19th to 20th November 2021. He was assisted by Apostles Saffa (Sierra Leone), Amevoh (Togo) Yedenou (Benin) and District Elder Dinkelacker (Germany).

The text for the day was taken from.1st Corinthians.15 : 40-42

Before the divine service, the Sunday School took the centre stage to entertain everyone to welcome the visitors with interesting choreography and dancing which stunned everyone. No wonder, Apostle Amevoh joined the dancers to prove his amazing dancing skills when performing the ‘Agbadza’ and ‘Borborbor’ These two dances are traditional Ghanaian and Togolese dances performed at special occasions by the Ewe people from the mid-Volta region of Ghana and Southern Togo. The Apostle must have felt very much at home.

The Sunday school children led by Sister Lydia Emefa Gyan their teacher, stunned the visitors once again with a play, David and his brethren.  Indeed, the teachers were very involved in every aspect of the show and in unison we all said “Thank You” to the organizer. The National Heads of Seminars will always cherish this day.