Our friend: Bishop Eric Ampadu (rtd., middle) with District Elder Oehler (left) and Bishop Asare
18 December 2021

The man of independency in education retires! After 25 years of brilliant teaching, our beloved National Head of Seminars in Ghana; our great example, our wonderful organizer, our motivator, our friend, our counselor and former Bishop, Eric Yaw Ampadu, has retired at the age of 72. He now hands over the task to his helper, Bishop Charles Asare.

In a moving farewell, the Lead Apostles Oppong-Brenya and Ohene-Saffo thanked Bishop Eric Ampadu for all that he has done for the education of Ghana in our church.

Throughout his life and service, Eric lived by the conviction and motto that: “Give the retired tasks which give them fulfillment” and “Always look for young talents, empower them, so that they can grow and in the end become better than yourself”.

Under his care, Ghana became independent in spiritual education. He was a wonderful teacher, did a great work joyfully and with great success. He never wanted to be in the spotlight; he was always humble, and preferred to serve in the background, coordinating everything with care.

Over 30 senior tutors were developed under his leadership, to help in the education of ministers and teachers in all 15 Apostle Working Areas. A further 150 local tutors and more, carryout - together with Senior Tutors  - seminars for Sunday School and Confirmation Class Teachers, Youth Leaders, Ministers and Rectors nationwide, District Elder Oehler (retired) commented.

For Eric Ampadu, 72 is a young age where one can still do a lot. He remains the Chief Reporter and Editor of the NAC-Ghana website of the Church in Ghana. Not just that, he is also a counselor and a resident resource person for doctrinal lectures at the Osu Congregation. As of now, there are pending invitations from other congregations within and outside Accra, for him to share his rich knowledge of the church and doctrine. Eric undoubtedly is a treasure to the Church.

In Ghana, a person known for doing many things concurrently to good effect is called ‘One man thousand’: a man of many parts and talents. Even his wife has a nickname for him “honam p? (per) job” literally meaning “the body that never rests”. Eric’s assistant calls him “Strong man”, yet he is twice his assistant’s age. How a 72 year old man effectively combines active grand-fatherhood, fatherhood, husband duties, teaching, counseling, reporting and editing is mind-boggling. And in all these, he drives himself to every function or duty call.

Bishop Urs Heiniger, in a heartfelt tribute chanced upon by Eric’s assistant, aptly summed up the persona and dedicated nature of Eric: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your valuable commitment. During our many trips to Ghana, you opened up many perspectives for me and enabled me not only to understand Ghana, but also to love it. This gave me the opportunity to create the right seminar materials for West Africa. Because it is essential not only to impart knowledge but to pass it on so that the next person can also understand it. You helped me a lot in this - thank you very much!”

We love and admire him and wish him good health, strength and God’s blessing for a long, long time.