Together, they sang a song for the congregation – titled ‘Humble thyself before the Lord’
24 January 2022

“We need Thee every hour, most Gracious Lord” remarked Priest Andrew Nketsiah as he explained to the Bokoro congregation in Takoradi district, the power given to us by Christ. This happened on the 16th of January 2022.  

The Sunday School, on the other hand, also rose to the occasion and recited various bible verses and sang a song for the congregation after the divine service.

The Priest reflected on a message from the book of Luke 4:14 which reads, ‘Then Jesus returned in the power of spirit to Galilee, and news of Him went out through all the surrounding region’. 


His Popularity grew

Priest Andrew Nketsiah mentioned that Christians of today do not make the following of Christ attractive. “We do not proclaim the gospel in the proper manner for others to follow”, he remarked. “We have been given the power, Jesus Christ has given us all the power, yet we cannot make good use of it. We have the numbers but we cannot make our church and faith gain popularity because of our behavior”, he added.

“How do we proclaim the gospel in our household, villages and community? Do our households and neighbours acknowledge our presences? We cannot even spread the gospel yet we call ourselves Christians.” He said Jesus grew in popularity and gained  many followers by day because of His teachings. People were talking about Him throughout the city of Galilee where He entered and began His ministry, and we can also gain such popularity if we began to preach the word of God in our surroundings. 


Empowered by the spirit.

“Nothing good comes easy my dear brothers and sister, Christ never had it easy.” He went through lots of temptations before He started His ministry but at the end, He was empowered by the Spirit which led Him to triumph. We can also achieve this victory if only we would allow the Spirit of God to manifest within our hearts.

Ending the sermon, the Priest advised the congregation not to intimidate people with their earthly powers but should rather allow the power of the Spirit to manifest for people to comprehend and appreciate the works of the Lord. “Jesus Christ did not abuse His power but rather His teachings, life and love went out to everyone. Amen!”