Lead Apostle and Apostle Lavoe together with other District Leaders in a group picture with the Sunday School children
26 January 2022

Lead Apostle Samuel Oppong Brenya paid a three-day working visit to the Wiawso Apostle Area where he met all District Leaders in the Area. The visit was brought to an end on Sunday, 16th January, 2022, with a divine service at Sefwi Antobea in the Juaboso District.

Addressing about 130 members, the Lead Apostle reflected on the bible text 1 Corinthians 1:9 “God is faithful, by whom you were called into fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ Our Lord.”

The Lead Apostle explained the ancient Greeks inquisition into the types love experienced and exhibited by humans. Among the findings were three types of love; erotic love – which fades quickly, brotherly love – which also fades away as the brothers grow; and then thirdly, was the love God has for mankind which lasts forever. It is through this love that we are called by Our Lord to fellowship together and that is the more reason we are gathered here this morning as one family with a common faith, said the Lead Apostle.

“Brethren, we reap what we sow. The life we put up today has a great influence on our children and grandchildren tomorrow. As Christians, we must portray the habit of righteousness so that our attitudes shall have a great positive influence on others. Each and everyone here has a part to play in strengthening our faith and the faith of others. Let your life bring salvation to others so that our Father in Heaven will also bless you. Spread the Gospel to the less privilege and to those who may have gone contrary to the right way. Our Lord has called us to fellowship and thus we are expected to be fruitful”, said the Apostle.

Bringing his service to end, the Lead Apostle encouraged the congregation to continue having faith in the Lord and also be fruitful in the fellowship by which we are called in His Son Jesus Christ: “You may pass through difficulties, but I will urge you to stay strong, love your neighbours, pray onto Him always and live a Christ-like life wherever you are and Our Lord will never forsake you. Amen.”

The service was supported by Apostle Augustus Adika Lavoe (Wiawso Apostle Area) District Elder Ennin (Wiawso District) and District Elder Obeng (Juaboso District).