Beatrice singing in the choir
16 February 2022

Usually, the Sunday School children are seated under a shed outside of the main auditorium at Madina Congregation. They would sit quietly while their older brothers and sisters, parents, and older friends take up active roles in the choir, the orchestra, and ushering duties. But taking an active part in divine services is not something only adults in the congregation can do.

On Sunday 6 February 2022, the Sunday School choir replaced the adult choir during the service which was conducted by the rector, Shepherd Jones Kyere. They performed hymns like “All things bright and beautiful,” “Wonderful words of life” and a local rendition “Mmofra yɛ wɔ odamfo bi.” Little Johnny assisted the deacons in welcoming and ushering members to their seats while Jessica checked the temperatures at the entrance of the church. Nana Kofi played the piano while his younger brother, Dickson, performed a solo. Sister Grace, the Sunday School teacher, conducted the children’s choir. There was role play after the divine service where Edinam gladly showcased her talent. All the 87 members of the Sunday School and their teachers participated in all the activities. There was an atmosphere of great joy all around, and the adults were not bored either.

For the little ones in Sunday School, faith and trust in God are presented in a caring manner. The aim is to spark their interest in the love of God so they will grow in the Lord and remain in the church. That’s what made this divine service unique, the children were given practical opportunities to serve in the congregation to make them feel at home for they are a valuable unit in the activities of the church.

The children have been waiting for this day since 2020 when the country went into lockdown at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. To prepare for this service, the children undergone frequent training sessions with encouragement and support from the congregation.

The rector used the opportunity to thank the Sunday School teachers for their work with the children. He was particularly grateful that the teachers have taken on the important task of preparing the children, who are the future of the church, to be of service to God and the church as they grow.