Apostle Anthony Kuada ordained six (6) brothers into Deacon Ministry
2 March 2022

Sacraments are fundamental acts of God’s grace. In these holy acts which are performed by human beings upon human beings, God grants salvation. Through the sacraments, human beings are adopted into fellowship of life with God. Receiving the three (3) sacraments of Holy Baptism with water, Holy Sealing and Holy Communion gives a human being the opportunity to be united with God at the return of Christ – says the Apostle to the souls receiving the sacrament of Holy Sealing.

 Apostle Anthony Kuada in charge of Volta South Apostle area on Sunday, 20th February, 2022, conducted a festive divine service at the Fodzoku congregation in the Battor district of the Volta South where he served about fifty – five (55) members. The divine service was supported by the District Rector Thomas Afun and the Deputy District Rectors Senyo Amedofu and Jerry Akorligle.

 The Apostle sealed two (2) members, ordained six (6) brothers into the Deacon Ministry, and ordained a brother into the Priestly Ministry for the Klamadaboe, Alabonu, and Akuse congregations respectively.

 Then he said to them all, “If anyone desires to come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me” – Luke 9:23 was the text word as was read out by the Apostle

 Let us always give thanks to our Father in heaven in our difficult times as Jesus Christ did when faced with all sort of temptations; for He is operating with the power from His Father in heaven. Apostle Kuada urged the members to look up to the good examples of Jesus Christ and also be a good example, as he commenced the message.


Following Jesus Christ

Apostle Kuada said,  many desired to follow our Lord Jesus Christ for diverse reasons; to seek solutions to their problems, physical benefits or even recognition. Others also sought to be His disciples. “Everyone wanted to follow Jesus Christ for one reason or the other. But we, the New Apostolic Christians have desired to follow Jesus Christ because we want to stay with Him and enter into His kingdom forever” said the Apostle.


The will of Jesus Christ

Apostle Kuada told the congregants of the fact that, those who desire to enter into the kingdom of God must be ready to deny themselves. They can no longer do things their own way but rather follow the will of Jesus. He also referred the congregants to the section of the Lord’s prayer that says: “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth”. He said: “That the kingdom has come but we blatantly refuse to do the will of God. We must also renounce our bad and ungodly ways”.


Take up your cross

The Apostle further added that many are afraid to take up their own cross because they perceive that to be  suffering till the return of Christ. However that is not the case: “This does not mean suffering till the return of Christ, but we want to be dead to sin and also willing to fight against evil and be incorporated into the body of Christ Jesus” he explained. Carrying our own cross is to do the will of God in our lives no matter the consequence.

“Our faith does not prevent us from misfortunes, let us not be afraid of the problems that come our way in our lives. Let us endeavour to take up the cross upon ourselves and move on towards the kingdom of God. If we truly renounce the evil one, we will not lie, we will not torment our neighbour and we will not ruthlessly run after money” said the Apostle in his conclusion.