“Volta awaits you patiently”
21 March 2022

The itinerary of Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider takes him to the West African sub-region. He lands in Ghana to perform a number of activities, amongst which is a divine service in capital of the Volta Region, Ho. Invited to this divine service are members from all three Apostle Areas in the Volta Region; Volta North, Volta Central (host) and Volta South.

This certainly is a high profile divine service in the New Apostolic Church which attracts a great deal of preparation however the length of notice might be. NAC Reporter, Deputy District Rector Solomon Gottah, caught up with Apostle Richard Osei (the host Apostle) on Thursday March 16, 2022 while preparing to chair a meeting at the Ho Central chapel towards this great event.

NAC Reporter: Congratulations on this rare opportunity to host the Chief Apostle. First of all, how did you receive the news: “The Chief Apostle will be in Ho on Saturday March 26, 2022”?

Apostle Richard Osei: Actually, it was a mixed feeling; excitement, fear and anxiety. At first it was all joy, and then almost immediately I thought: ‘Where am I going to find a suitable venue for this service? The numbers, COVID protocols...where would be suitable enough?’ Our chapel here cannot accommodate such magnitude of service. However, I allowed the joy to take center stage.

NAC Reporter: It’s approximately 18 years (10th July, 2004) since the Chief Apostle first visited the Volta region. Were you occupying any ministry then? Did you play any roles in that visit?

Apostle Richard Osei: I was a Community Evangelist then. Yes, I had so much on my hands. Apostle Timothy Akubia (then Bishop for the old Volta North) was the main man. Some of us were his right-hand ‘errand boys’. Day and night, to and from Accra and other places, we had to organise logistics and many more. I was very much in the thick of affairs and it was a joy doing so.

NAC Reporter: The onus now lies on you as the host Apostle. How heavy is the burden today?

Apostle Richard Osei: Hmmmm. (Sighs the Apostle). I don’t have words to describe it now. But I can tell you it’s very heavy. It is full of anxiety. I keep thinking about how things would turn out; the divine service itself, how is it going to be? The choir preparations, the Sunday School? The participation of members considering the rising cost of living in our country – especially transportation costs – will they attend in their numbers? And so it is a potpourri of mixed feelings. However, we are hopeful and trust in our Heavenly Father to grant the members His support to make the service a successful one. So though the burden exists, we are not afraid, we are confident the Lord shall provide the needed help.

NAC Reporter: Any expectations for this service?

Apostle Richard Osei: Yes, very high expectations. After 18 years since the first visit of a Chief Apostle to the Volta Region, there have been some positive changes. And we are expectant, that, for the Chief Apostle to visit us here once more, it would impact greatly on members in this region; our congregations increasing, improved quality of members to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, expansion of the existing congregations, increased number of ministers to join the vineyard work, and then also economic situations to improve so we can fulfill our commissions. And, so both spiritually and physically, we have high expectations.

NAC Reporter: In terms of attendance, which numbers are we looking at?

Apostle Richard Osei: Despite the economic challenges, we still expect a very high attendance. We trust the Lord to make things happen. We believe the attendance will be high.

NAC Reporter: At about half past noon on 26th March, the service would have ended. How do you expect to feel?

Apostle Richard Osei: Fulfilled! Because I know it would have a successful end. I know the blessings would begin to fall that very moment the service has ended. I expect to be uplifted and definitely relaxed.

Permit me to also emphasize that, the Chief Apostle’s visit is being hosted by all three Apostles in the Volta Region. Yes, the divine service is being conducted in Ho, which is well within my working area and so I may be the face of the organisation. But I can tell you it is a brotherly synergy of efforts among Apostles Akubia, Kuada and myself. The whole of the Volta region is hosting the Chief Apostle.

NAC Reporter: Thank you dear Apostle, we wish you God’s strength and wisdom for you and the entire team. See you on 26th March at the feet of the Chief Apostle.

Apostle Richard Osei: The pleasure is mine, my dear NAC Reporter. Thank you for the opportunity, support and prayers. And please share this online for us: “Volta awaits you, dear Chief Apostle.”