Apostle Osei leads the way as he shares the poster on his Whatsapp status
22 March 2022

The announcement is made: “Our dear Chief Apostle would be in Ghana in March 2022. He will conduct two divine services, the first on Saturday 26th in Ho, the second in Accra on March 27”. A shout of joy and applause, to signal the excitement and endorsement of members, greeted the announcement.

The first visit of a Chief Apostle to the Volta Region was on July 10, 2004. Chief Apostle Richard Fehr (of blessed memory) conducted a divine service at Ho. At the time, only two Apostle Areas, Volta North and Volta South existed.  These were led by Apostles Mark Amafu (of blessed memory) and Wilson Dzattah (rtd).

Eighteen years on, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider is scheduled to conduct a divine service on Volta soil, this time incorporating three Apostle Areas; Volta North, Volta Central and Volta South – led by Apostles Timothy Akubia, Richard Osei (Host) and Anthony Kuada respectively. The venue is the Auditorium of the Mawuli Senior High School.

The nostalgic feeling among members gradually gathers momentum. From spiritual to physical, members have desires and expectations for this historic divine service. “Dreaming about your coming, our Dear Chief Apostle. May your divine visit bring hope, joy and abundant blessings to us” remarked one member on her Whatsapp status.

From Bimbilla in the Northern Region through Hohoe, and  across the Fume mountains, lies the route for the brethren from the Volta North Apostle Area. Then from Ada to Aflao  (the Ghana-Togo border), Frankadua and Kpotame in the Volta South Apostle Area and of course from the Gemi mountains of Avatime, Peki, Torsen Abutia and Takla, in the Volta Central Apostle Area;  the chorus is unanimously sung, “Here we come”. 

For some, this might be the last time in their life time to be with the Chief Apostle. To others, it might just be the beginning; whichever way the pendulum swings, certainly the fulfilment and joy of 26th March, 2022, would leave indelible marks on the memories of many if not all.

“Volta awaits you, our dear Chief Apostle”