The Apostle also blessed a marriage between Brother Addae and Sister Mercy Asare
4 April 2022

Apostle Augustus Adika Lavoe conducted a festive divine service on Sunday, 20th March, 2022, at the Bremang Central church, Wiawso Apostle Area where one brother and six others were ordained into the Priest and Deacons.

The text word was taking from Jeremiah 3: 23. “Truly, in vain is salvation hoped from the hills, and from the multitude of mountains; truly in the Lord our God is the salvation of Israel.”

Elaborating on the text word, he said, “The Israelites relied on smaller gods, but were deceived and later realized that God Almighty is the only One that can give them salvation. Most of us have fallen short of His glory because we have chosen to follow Satan who will deprive us from our salvation. The salvation of mankind comes from our Father in Heaven.”

The Wiawso Working Area Leader further explained that Christians these days follow the lure of fake prophets for the promise of wealth. Unfortunately, many of them are led astray and engulfed in doctrines that deprive them of their eternal salvation. Wealth and riches only come from the Father in Heaven. Therefore, we must pray to ask from Him, repent of our ways and actively seek our salvation in His Kingdom; and all the others shall be added to us.

He continued, “Peace and love come from the Lord Almighty. If anyone promises you of peace and love, I tell you, brethren that person is deceitful. All other earthly things are temporary and shall come to pass but the word of God shall remain forever. Therefore, Brethren, we should strive hard to be closer to Him. We all know that this world is full of difficulties, but our Lord Almighty is a faithful one. He shall never forsake us. We have to have faith, trust and believe in Him and at His own time, we shall have our salvation.”

The Lord is compassionate and merciful, the Apostle said. “He is calling us to come to Him. He is asking us to refrain from sin and He will lift our burdens, sins, sicknesses and sufferings. His word is for free. God is calling you to come to Him for salvation for free. Follow the good teachings of the Apostles, so you are not deceived and led astray”, concluded the Apostle as he brought the service to an end.

The service was supported by District Elder Adomako (Bremang District), District Evangelist Afful (Bremang District) and Shepherd Bih. About 300 members from different congregations attended this divine service.