The Holy Communion, a symbol of the broken Body and shed Blood of Jesus on the cross at Golgotha
18 April 2022

There upon a cross, hangs a Man who came to save me.
A Man blameless and faultless, a Man who came to set me free.
But right before my eyes, He suffered injustice.
A suffering He bore for my sinful pride and prejudice.

There hangs a man who fed thousands with five loaves of bread,
And yet He hangs naked, thirsty, hungry...fighting for His breath.
I ask myself, “What did He do to suffer all this? Why can’t we help Him?”
But a voice whispers softly, “He did nothing My child. Don’t you remember that hymn?

Which hymn? Oh mine, I remember! A493, page 378: “I gave, I gave My life for Thee”
But I wait, I can’t answer the question that follows: “What hast thou given for Me?”
I remember the Apostle’s words: “This is My blood of the new covenant given for many.”
And here I am. I eat and drink. What does it really mean to me?

It means, He died for me so I may live.
He gave His life on the cross, so I may believe.
In Him I am free, I am redeemed from eternal damnation.
In His death there is hope for my eternal salvation.

What will I give for Him?
I will give up my pride and selfishness.
I will be all loving and forgiving.
I will give up my will, and obey His will.

What will you give for Him?

Fred Quansah-Haylse