District Rector Agypong (Tarkwa) making a point during the seminar
24 April 2022

A two-day Train the Trainers’ seminar was organized by the Takoradi Working Area Senior Tutor, Deputy District Rector Sunu to help build the knowledge and ministerial skills, especially for recently ordained minsters. The seminar came off on the 8th and 9th of April 2022. In attendance were all district tutors including Apostle George Sam and Bishop Thomas Ampofo.  

The seminar focused on Confirmation Class Teaching, Minister One, Basic 3, welfare sisters and new formats for seminar.

After the seminar, the NAC reporter for the Working Area engaged the tutors and some participants on their thoughts on the training as well as delivery of seminars in general.

NAC Reporter:  Were the topics covered relevant to you and training well structured?

Deputy District Rector Boadi: Oh Yes!  They were really relevant because it also forms part of the ministerial work in our church and acquiring more knowledge will help to improve our skill. Also, it was well structured because it contains all the elements needed to train the trainers. 

Community Evangelist Ebenezer: Yes! It was well structured because it follows the sequences in our training materials which made it easy to comprehend.

NAC Reporter: How did you find the quality of teaching (facilitators) and their level of proficiency?  

Deputy District rector Boadi: I noticed the teachers were well prepared and the use of the local language helped a lot.

Community Evangelist Ebenezer: Today’s seminar was very practical and engaging as compared to previous ones. Each participant participated during the role play. With regards to the questions the tutors held more discussions and arrived at an appropriate answer to every question.

NAC Reporter: Welcome Bishop. Did you gather any expectations, in your interactions with the district tutors, when you invited them for the training?

Bishop Ampofo: Yes. They were interested and were looking forward to acquire the skill and teaching methodology needed to impact same knowledge to their brothers in their various districts. The goal is to train the leaders for the future and this sat well with them.

NAC Reporter: What would you like to change or improved about the seminar. And why do New Apostolic Church run seminar.

Assistant Seminar Tutor Shepherd Kwaw: I would recommend we extend the seminar days to three instead of two. That would allow us a lot of time to engage and discuss the seminar materials at length.

NAC Reporter: How will you rate this seminar and was the size of your training group appropriate.

Seminar Tutor Deputy District Rector Sunu: It was an excellent seminar by all standards with much involvement in the role plays which best explain more of the concept and doctrine of the Church. The size was enough because I could reach everyone in the auditorium.

Using local language that the participate can relate to, and eye level contact used by various facilitators was helpful. Am very happy we have completed yet another successful seminar.