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2 May 2022

Only God can guarantee us victory over the evil one. The battle against sin and evil is a difficult one. The evil one is cunning and very perseverant but despite all the schemes and temptations, Jesus Christ had victory over the evil one. Excerpts from the Confirmation service by the Apostle Charles Addo Asare.

Through God we will do valiantly, for it is He who shall tread down our enemies.This Bible text from Psalms 60:12 was the basis of the Confirmation service that Apostle Asare celebrated on Sunday, 26 April 2022, in the Accra Apostle Area.

Beloved in Christ, I believe we have come to God’s house with joy. Every Sunday is a joyful day for us but today our joy is even more because our children have come to make a vow to God and receive His blessings. Our collective prayer is that God be with them, strengthen their faith and cause them to remain in Him forever”, Apostle Charles Addo began his sermon.

God always wins
After the baptism of Jesus Christ, He was tempted by the evil one three times. Through it all, Jesus had victory over the evil one. The evil one is cunning and does not give up as evidenced in Genesis 4:7: “sin lies at the door. And its desire is for you, but you should rule over it.” The evil one seeks to destroy the plans of God as in the case of Adam and Eve. The freedom the evil one promised Adam and Eve was a deception. “We also have to be very vigilant, let us not fall for the lies and sin of the evil one,” Apostle Asare continued, “rather, pursue righteousness, stay together in Christ and follow Him.”

Do good at all times
Good overcomes evil. It is a blessing to suffer for doing good than doing evil. It is unfortunate that, in our world today, people condone and glorify evil over good. Nevertheless, let us continue to do good.

Let us stay together in our fight against the evil one, we cannot win the fight if we stay as individuals but in unity with God, we will do valiantly”, Apostle Asare concluded.

The blessing of confirmation
This year, 41 adolescents from the Accra West, Accra East, Aburi and Osuwem districts made a vow of faithfulness and took on the full responsibility for their life of faith. The Apostle encouraged parents to set good examples for the confirmands to follow. After the short address by Apostle Asare, the confirmands attested to their willingness to pursue their future way of life as New Apostolic Christians in faithfulness to God. As a tradition, the confirmands also received a special letter from our Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider.