Sunday School classes led by Sister Bridget Nana Yaa
6 May 2022

On Easter Sunday, 2022, Apostle George Anom Nortey visited Tutuka congregation in Obuasi district of Konongo Apostle area. He was accompanied by District Rector, Kwame Agyakum.

The Apostle conducted a service based on Colossians 3:1 -2, “If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God. Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.”

He explained that the occasion of Easter is an important event for every human being on earth. Due to the original sin of Adam, mankind fell to the bondage of sin and condemned to eternal death. However, that was not God’s original plan for man.

In God’s own wisdom, He planned to save man through divine intervention. “As our Second Article of faith states, Easter serves as true basis of our faith in Christ, our saviour. He arose from death today and we are remembering a true event which happened over 2000 years ago”, the Apostle emphasised.

He continued: “Jesus now is in Heaven, as our quotation is tells us. We too have set our preparations towards Heaven. How do we then go to Heaven? Our souls need to rise together with Christ today”. He further explained that we can only rise with Christ through Holy Baptism, Holy Sealing and the Holy Communion. “Through the laying of hands by the living Apostles to receive Holy Baptism and Holy Sealing as well as the partaking of the Holy Communion, we are setting our minds on things above. The significance of these acts, however, is not only needful for our souls but our neighbours too.”

Why set our minds on above? We want to:

  • have eternal peace with Christ.
  • fellowship in eternity with Christ.
  • reign with Christ.
  • see Jesus as He is.

“Those who have faith in Jesus Christ will surely experience these things in Heaven”, the Apostle added. “Let us hold on unto faith, obeying God’s will and helping one another as Christ teaches us. Regularly attending church activities also help our souls to get focus on Heaven.”

He concluded: “The earth is full of hatred, sin, disunity, discomfort, and wickedness. Let all look up to heaven because there are better things waiting for us there. God be with you as we are await the return of Jesus Christ. Amen!”

Three souls were added to the congregation.