Demonstration: Deputy District Recto Sunu (extreme right) uses two brothers to demonstrate the “Change process”
7 May 2022

An important ingredient in every organisation is continuous learning or refresher activities for the major stakeholders.  This may serve purposes such as keeping stakeholders abreast of current trends, correctional measures or even ensure relevancy for a particular course.

For the New Apostolic Church, seminars are a key tool which used to broaden the frontiers of knowledge of its ministers and other relevant stakeholders.  It has been used to introduce a new development in the church or even educate on current global trends.  The Dunkwa Apostle Area held one of such seminars on 18th and 19th March, 2022, at Dunkwa-Offin.

The agenda for this seminar was to train the local trainers for the Apostle area.  Fifteen participants, including three Tutors attended this seminar.  Apostle Benjamin Darko opened the seminar with a prayer and welcomed participants.  In his address, Apostle Darko thanked the ministers for commuting from far distances to receive knowledge.  “…the knowledge you receive is not only for your edification but also to help others within your various jurisdictions”, he added.  He encouraged participants to have a positive mindset to influence and change.

In a video broadcast, the District Apostle Ehrich also encouraged the participants.  On the first day, the tutors—District Rector Isaac Mensah, Deputy District Rector George Sunu and Priest Oppong—guided participants through many subjects. A few of them were:

  • Liturgy clarification mainly in Ghana,
  • Doctrine development transfer,
  • How to use the 2-year book “I also want…”,
  • Introduction to God’s plan of salvation,
  • The New Apostolic Church,
  • Waiting for the return of Christ

On the second and final day, after recapping Day 1’s activities, participants learnt more on topics such as:

  • Development of ministry,
  • Ministry and spiritual services,
  • Ministry in the early church and today,
  • Qualities of a Minister/ spiritual services,
  • The change process and new concept of ministry/ services,
  • Ordination,
  • End of ministerial activity

The highly successful seminar was lively, activity-packed and full of role plays, group work, and presentations.  Senior tutor Mensah rounded up the seminar by guiding the trainees to share what they have learnt.  Apostle Darko blessed the participants as they departed to their various destinations.