23 May 2022

On Ascension Day, 26 May 2022, our Chief Apostle will conduct a festive divine service in Künzelsau (South Germany). The divine service will be transmitted to the congregations with YouTube reception in the countries of West Africa.

This divine service will begin at 08:00am Ghana time. The Chief Apostle will preach in German. His sermon will be translated into English.

The link to the divine service: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFoWDlsZmrM


Information about Kuenzelsau

The town of Kuenzelsau lies on the lower Kocher, a tributary of the Neckar, about 40 km east of Heilbronn. The region is called “Hohenlohe”. Kuenzelsau was first mentioned in a document in 1098. The town lies on the Kuensbach in the floodplain, in the Conzles-Aue. The place name goes back to the German first name Konrad or its "cose form Cunzilo". The place is also considered to be the "Hohenlohe Little Nuremberg."

The New Apostolic congregation of Kuenzelsau belongs to the Schwaebisch Hall church district, which includes 16 congregations. The district belongs to the Apostle working area of Heilbronn/Nuernberg.