5 June 2022

Tarkwa District, which is under the Takoradi Apostle Area, held its annual Children’s Day activities which included a divine service on 28th May, 2022. The divine service was conducted by Apostle George Sam and supported by District Rector Samuel Agyapong and Deputy District Rector Paul Awuah. All the congregations in the Tarkwa District gathered at the Tarkwa Central church for this occasion.

The Apostle based his sermon on 2 Chronicles 15:7, ‘But you, be strong and do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded!

Be strong
The Apostle explained to the children they should always be strong in Sunday school activities. “Regular attendance of Sunday School will strengthen you and you will not be weak. Let Jesus be an example for you. Imitate the footsteps of Christ and you will be a blessing to your family and the Church. There may be difficulties in life as you grow but if Jesus Christ is your hope, He will strengthen and guide you in your daily life activities.”

You shall be rewarded
“Our ultimate reward is in heaven”, the Takoradi Leader explained. “As you grow, there are many rewards from God you will receive if only you keeping participating in Sunday School and other church activities as you have today. You have already been rewarded today through your participation and will be further blessed through the celebration of the Holy Communion. Continue to believe in and obey the New Apostolic Church teachings and you shall receive many rewards from God”, Apostle Sam concluded.

Eight confirmands received their confirmation blessing as part of this service.

Drama and Quiz Competition
After the divine service, a drama titled, “The Rich Man and the Poor Man (Lazarus)”, was performed by the Tarkwa Sunday School Children. The Children’s Day was climaxed with a highly Bible Quiz Competition which was won by the Tarkwa Sunday Children.