Role play performers
27 July 2022

It was a moment to behold as the Sunday School brought to life the “Parable of the Talents” during the second edition of the Divine Service with Sunday School at the Madina Congregation on 17 July 2022. The parable was told by Jesus Christ in Matthew 25:14˗30. The aim of the role play was to help the congregation understand their calling as Christians and their responsibility to use what God has given them to bring Him glory and honour.

Following is a the narration and dialogue of the drama for the role play.

Narrator: Once upon a time, there lived a wealthy man and his servants in a certain kingdom.

[The great man and his servants walked to the stage]

One day, he decided to travel but before he traveled, he called his servants and gave five of them 10 seeds. The first servant received 4 seeds, the second and third servants were given 2 seeds each but the fourth and fifth servants received 1 seed each.

[They all left the stage after receiving the seeds. The 4th and 5th servants returned to the stage]

5th Servant: Man, as for me I don’t want to have any issues with this wealthy wicked man at all.

4th Servant: I think we should go and hide it so that when he comes, we give it back to him.

[They left the stage. The 2nd and 3rd servants returned to the stage]

3rd Servant: Charley, let’s go and fry this maize because I feel like chewing popcorn.

2nd Servant: Exactly what is on my mind.

[They leave the stage. The 1st servant returned to the stage]

1st Servant: I will make sure these seeds will yield more food for others to benefit from it.

[He left the stage.]

Narrator: After a long time, the wealthy man returned home. He called for the five servants whom he gave the seeds and asked them what they had done with his seeds.

Wealthy Man: My servants, what did you do with the seeds I gave you?

2nd Servant: My Lord, I wanted to plant it but my friend said we should fry it.

3rd Servant: Herrrrr! Was that not your idea?

[They kept arguing as the 4th and 5th servants walked to the wealthy man.]

4th Servant: My Lord, I know you are a hard man reaping where you have not sown and gathering where you have not scattered seed. I was afraid and hid it in the ground. Look, here is the seed.

5th Servant: Here is mine too, my Lord.

Wealthy man: You wicked and lazy servants, you couldn’t make good use of the little I gave you. Leave my presence!

1st Servant: My Lord, you gave me four seeds and these are the additional seeds I have yielded

Wealthy man: Well done, my servant. You were fruitful over a few seeds. I will make you ruler over many things.

[They all leave the stage]

The narrator, Sister Edinam, also introduced other talented children: “We have some more Sunday School children who have also made good use of their talents. Sit back and enjoy.”

Desmond performed with a trumpet, Nana Kofi played the piano, Dickson and Pomaa gave solo performances and the Sunday School choir performed some well-rehearsed songs, to the joy of the congregation.

The performances of these children were in praise and honour of God for giving them such talents.