30 July 2022

Lead Apostle Benjamin Ohene-Saffo on day two of his official visit to the Volta North Apostle Area, conducted a divine service at the Botoku congregation in the Vakpo District on Sunday July 24, 2022. About 138 souls participated in the service.

The divine service was based on a bible word from John 20:13, “Then they said to her, ‘Woman, why are you weeping?’ She said to them, “Because they have taken away my Lord, and I do not know where they have laid Him.”

The divine service is an essential part of our preparation to meet with the Lord. It is essential that we attend anytime the doors are open. But for what and why do we enter the house of God? Lead Apostle Saffo provided answers in his opening remarks on this occasion. He stated that, we come to the house of God to:

·       express our gratitude, praise and worship Him;

·       listen to His word;

·       obtain forgiveness of our sins;

·       partake of the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ;

·       bring unto Him our offerings;

·       obtain God’s blessings.

The Lead Apostle entreated members to delight in entering the house of the Lord.

Elaborating on the bible word, he stated that, the disciples of Jesus Christ were devastated by the His death of Jesus Christ. They grieved probably over the fact that, the authority of Jesus Christ in performing miracles has been toppled. Unfortunately they lost sight of the Lord’s promises. For example He informed them of His death and resurrection on the third day.

Why do you weep?
“There are times we feel the Lord has forsaken us. When we go through challenges of life, we also, like Mary Magdalene, weep and get discouraged. Absolutely out of ideas!  It is normal to go through difficulties” stated the Lead Apostle. “Whatever we are confronted with, there is an assurance, a window of hope. They shall come to pass. And when we overcome, we shall enter to the Lord’s glory.” He emphasized.

Jesus consoles, cares and loves us
Jesus Christ is close to us. He is well are of our situation. Jesus takes an interest in our fate and shares in our pain. He cares for us and loves us. “Let us share our grief and pain with the Lord in prayer. He is ready and willing to help us. Even our sins can be forgiven and we shall be filled with renewed strength” the Lead Apostle highlighted.

Concluding the sermon the Lead Apostle admonished members to weep not but be assured of the help from above. “Do not weep, dear brethren. Our Lord and Saviour is just by you. He consoles and loves us. Lift up your burdens in prayer unto Him. Have faith in Him, and it shall certainly come to pass.”

The service was supported by Apostle Akubia and District Rector Arhin.