Apostle Kpegasin during a recent seminar
31 July 2022

“As soon as this knowledge came to me, I asked what the role entailed and was briefed. I tried to juxtapose against my duty as an Apostle and immediately realised I needed more grace. I compared myself to my predecessors and found myself lacking. But I am comforted in the scripture ‘...as I was with Moses so will I be with you.’”  

Humble words of an Apostle who was only ordained four months ago in Ghana, but on 8th July, at a virtual meeting for heads of seminars in West Africa, Apostle Felix Kpegasin (Nigeria) was appointed to the role of General Coordinator of Seminars.  He shared a few words with Editor for NAC Ghana, Bishop Eric Ampadu (rtd.).

Congratulations on your appointment, Apostle. How do you feel about your added responsibility, having only been ordained an Apostle four months ago?
I appreciate the confidence that God and the church leadership have in me even though I feel quite unworthy for this noble task. But I decided very long ago that whatever and wherever God wants me to do and go, I will gladly oblige; He is the one who will enable me. I have no better knowledge neither do I feel more qualified than others, but I see it as the grace of God that has overwhelmed me and I am totally submitted and particularly very grateful.

Were you surprised?
I was surprised. 

Any expectations for this new role?
My Bishop, I know the task will be quite enormous and I have promised to dedicate myself and give off my best. I will not count on what I can do but what God will do through me. I hope to delegate as much as permissible and work with my bearers of blessings. I am also looking forward to working with the academy in South Germany.

How are you going to combine soul care as an Apostle with this added assignment?
I intend to work with a lot of assistance from my fellow ministers and seminar heads, on both the Apostolic calling and that of the seminary. I also intend to tap into the wealth of experience of my predecessors and bearers of blessing, Lead Apostle Nwogu and the District Elder Oehler (rtd). But most importantly, I am going to depend totally on God Himself.

In the last few years, Nigeria has performed tremendously in seminars and Sunday School, of which you have been at the forefront of this commendable transformation. How did you achieve this?
I will seek your indulgence to review the phrase ‘commendable transformation’. I think we are still struggling to meet even the average perforance. However looking back at the seminars in Nigeria, the effort has been quite laudable. Seminar tutors are actually carried along by the Apostles and are allowed to innovate during their training.

Teaching methodologies characterised based on local circumstances within the congregations, are taken seriously. Reports have also allowed us to assess and review our work over the years.

Additionally, we learnt from so many countries in the sub-region, for example Ghana and Sierra Leone, because they have also made great strides in some areas. Our Apostles have also sacrificed and supported immensely especially in areas where we did not have enough tutors.

Achieving work-life balance is a goal for the working class. How do you intend to manage being a family man, Apostle and general seminar coordinator?
My wife has been very supportive. My children are all involved in congregational life and always lend their support. And so instead of managing a balance, I rather enjoy my family life in conjunction with my duties as a minister over the years, and now General Coordinator of Seminars.

Apostle Felix Kpegasin was born on Saturday 1st of April 1961 to the family of late District Elder Nubari Kpegasin Kagbara and Sister Mercy Peba Kagbara. He was baptized in the New Apostolic faith on 28th June, 1976, and sealed on 21st November, 1976. He was ordained Deacon on the 23rd December 1994 and later called into the Priestly ministry on 22nd of October 2000. On 27th March, 2022, he was ordained an Apostle.

He is a graduate of electrical engineering from the University of Port Harcourt. He loves to sing and is a very benevolent person. He is married to Sister Janet Lebee Kpegasin and blessed with five children; three daughters and two sons.

Apostle Kpegasin looks forward to a successful time in his dual role of spiritual and administrative demands. We wish him the very best. We have known him to innovate the Nigerian rain clap and cannot wait to learn his new ‘internet’ clap during seminar activations.