Welcome, our dear Lead Apostle
2 September 2022

Lead Apostle Benjamin Ohene-Saffo on Sunday August 28, 2022, paid a working visit to the brethren in the Hohoe District of the Volta North Apostle Area. He conducted a divine service at the Hohoe Central Church.   

This time, the Lead Apostle served the 240+ members with a bible word from 1 Kings 19:12 and after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice.

The Prophet Elijah worked zealously for the Lord. He experienced a great deal of miracle with God. On Mount Carmel, he stood against the prophets of Baal and triumphed. Jezebel, wife of King Ahab sought to kill Elijah as a result, however the prophet fled for his life. Lead Apostle Benjamin Ohene-Saffo stated that, like Elijah, we also become zealots for the Lord.

We defend the work of God, yet this is sometimes almost immediately followed by tribulations and persecutions.  At other times, we are confronted with disappointment or suffering which robs us of joy and peace. We consequently even question our faith in the process. Like Elijah, the Lead Apostle stated, “we also sometimes feel defeated and overwhelmed but let us keep our faith, the Lord is always with us”.

God strengthens us
The Lead Apostle pointed out that, our heavenly Father is always handy to provide us with the strength we require. In the course of Elijah’s sojourn, he at one point hid in a cave. Here, God provided him with food to strengthen him for the journey ahead. The Lord then invited him out of the cave and revealed Himself to him. God spoke to him in a still small voice. “In the divine service, we are provided on regular basis, with the food we require to gain strength for our spiritual journey. These food is the word of God and the sacraments” he emphasized.  “Sometimes, we fall back into slumber, even after we are fed. Yet the Lord sends unto us, again and again, his servants to continually feed us, that we do not grow weary on the way to our heavenly home.”

Come out of the cave!
Many, like Elijah, seek a place of security today. They feel forsaken and thereby enter caves of mistrust, idolatry, alien doctrines and the craving for miracles. God still wants to reveal Himself to us even in such situations. Decisive however, is our ability to come out of the cave, then the Lord can meet us and reveal Himself to us. Let us come out of our sinful nature and stand before the Lord in His house, the Lead Apostle remarked.

Listening to the still small voice
The Lead Apostle emphasized that, God speaks to us in a still small voice; in the silence of our heart, our thoughts, and through His word. Our instincts through the Holy Spirit, speaks to us. However, this small still voice is many a time, unrecognized. “Let us not disregard what the Lord says to us in His word. Let us obey this voice. Do not destroy the covenant with the Lord through disobedience as the Israelites did. This still voice reminds us of the return of Jesus Christ, pay attention to Him. It reminds us of our childhood in God, and the future promise” he stressed.

The Lead Apostle further admonished, “respect the ministers who serve as vessels for this still small voice. One cannot drink from a cup he has poisoned. The Apostolate and the ministers do not speak of their own accord; but that which the Lord has occupied them with. Listen to this voice for as long as it sounds!” he concluded.

The Lead Apostle was assisted by Apostle Timothy Akubia, District Rectors Martin Otimpong, Isaac Akuley, Alexander Poku-Akubia and Eric Arhin.