7 September 2022

For God is Holy, let us beware not to misuse His name, but give Him reverence and glory since He is the creator and provider of all things. By giving God all honour, praise, worship and making efforts to please Him by doing His will in words and actions, we hallow His name.

On the first Sunday in September, 2022, Congregational Rector, Shepherd James Kwapong, served Osu congregation with a text word from Matthew 6:9 (b,) “Hallowed be Your name.”

He introduced the sermon with the words, “God is holy. Before His Son’s imminent death for us, Christ Jesus taught us how to pray to the Father in heaven. In this prayer, the Son of God made statements of which one of them is our text word today”. 

Elaborating further, the Rector delved into the key statements of the Lord’s Prayer. He outlined that is imperative that we ponder over the statement of the Lord’s Prayer. This prayer embodies our reverence for God as an omnipotent being and from whom all good things originate. It also expresses our dependence on God for all our spiritual and earthly supplies.

In the prayer, we express that:

  • It is our God, our Father in heaven who grants us His grace, sent His Son to die for us even though we always come to Him as sinners.
  • God is the sole Creator, Provider of all things in heaven and on earth.
  • God is ever faithful keeping His promises to deliver us from the hands, chains of the evil one and continually sends us His Holy Spirit whom counsels and rescues us. We, on the other hand, fail to keep our vows to Him.
  • God always grants us peace when we ask, yet we quickly lose it again afterward due to our sinful nature.

Although we say this Prayer, our actions sometimes do not sanctify God’s name. The Old Testament records examples of God-fearing people who faulted at times in keeping the name of God holy. Moses and Aaron, deviated from God’s command which prevented their entry into the promise land.

The Rector further added, just as all creations in heaven exhort the name of God, we on earth as messengers of God need do the same as we are the path-finders for non-believers. 

Concluding the sermon, the Rector admonished members with Hannah’s exemplary prayer and song to God, on which we should always speak reverently of God and act according to His will with an expressive attitude.

The Rector was assisted by Community Evangelist Mingle, Priests Lartey and Jonas.