District Apostle Ehrich and his wife, with some Apostles and their wives
14 September 2022

As has become tradition, District Apostle Michael Enrich would spend time to socialise and interact with Apostles and their wives on the Saturday before a festive divine service.  It was no different on this visit. Only this time, there was a bit more excitement; he was accompanied by the charming smile and warmth of his wife.

Following a successful divine service with ministers and their wives in Koforidua, an excited and visibly relaxed District Apostle interacted heartily with the Apostolate. Dovetailing him was his wife who was noticeably excited to be in the midst of her fellow sisters in Ghana.

In an outdoor scenery on the premises of the East Legon congregation, off the backdrop of relaxing classical music, there were a lot of hearty conversations from table to table, laughter and picture-taking moments. Also present were retired Apostles, Bishops and their wives. The District Apostle also introduced his son, who came along with him on this visit.

The South-Germany District Leader also took the opportunity to acknowledge the work and sacrifices of the Apostles, Bishops and their wives despite the difficult economic conditions in the country.