Priest Dr Agyemang guiding the youth on Reproductive Health
8 October 2022

The second day of the NYC 2022 continued with a number of seminars that touched on some of the core themes of the Church’s doctrine as well as spiritual issues. Also importantly, there were age-classified discussions on social issues affecting the youth. At each seminar, the youth took turns to ask their leaders questions which were duly responded to and explained.

Seminar on Doctrine & Spiritual Matters
A number of topics were discussed, queried and explained by District and Congregational leaders for the thousands of youth gathered. Some of the key topics addressed were:

  • Holy Baptism
  • The Divine Service
  • Concept of Ministry
  • New Apostolic’s 4th Article of Faith
  • Offering and Sacrifice
  • Fasting and Prayers
  • Speaking in Tongues
  • Youth in Evangelism

Seminar on Social Matters
This seminar took a slightly difference approach as the issues discussed were categorised into two age groups. There was the 14-18 year group seminar that addressed issues on:

  • Education & Social Media
  • Reproductive Health & the Right Age

For the 19-year-olds and above, different issues were addressed:

  • Career Guidance
  • Honouring God through our Finances
  • Preparing for Marriage & Sex Education
  • Substance Abuse