The District Apostle waving goodbye to the gathering
9 October 2022

“Every man has a thousand questions but not all of them can be answered” - Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider. This was no different with the youth of New Apostolic Church, Ghana. And so, with much anticipation, hundreds of questions were compressed into an engaging and stimulating one hour conversation with the Southern Germany District Church Leader.

Deputy District Rector Solomon Gottah (Volta North) and Sister Christiana Oppong-Brenya (Kumasi) had the privilege of representing their brothers and sisters in this conversation with a man who was also a leader in the army as a young man.

The Leader, in accepting his welcome, acknowledged and adopted his Ghanaian day name, Kwame (male born on Saturday) to the cheers of the Youth. Following are excerpts of the conversation.

Question: District Apostle (DAp), you have been rumoured to be a very stern and uncompromising leader. Is that true?

DAp: To lead means to go ahead with a goal. I was a military officer for two years leading others just as in the church, and work (merchandising). Leadership to me means to have clear lines. Sometimes you can compromise but not in everything, particularly concerning the gospel.  

Question: About 86% of the Church’s membership is in Africa, however decisions are taken at the highest level without much of Africa involved. Is there a reason for this trend?

DAp: Today, we have Fifteen (15) District Apostles, with five (5) being Africans. Decisions taken with, at the Chief Apostle Meeting has world-wide point of view. At the end of every session, majority wins the decision-making with votes cast.

Question: Is the Church being influenced by its association with other churches, to change its doctrine and liturgy?

DAp: Our liturgy is not influenced by other churches. Our church liturgy is indeed unique. Defining the church as a community of those baptized with water and confessing Christ as their Lord making us similarly to other churches. Some differences are there, such as Apostles’ ministry and Service for the Departed.

Question: Dear District Apostle, are you happy about the Church in Ghana?

DAp: Yes, Ghana has good Apostles. You have good leadership with faithful brothers and sisters.

Question: Jesus did not call women to be Apostles so why is the Church doing so?

DAp: This question does not have a sober answer as the bible can be used to justify for and against the ordination of women. It was a majority decision taken by the District Apostles. But more importantly, its coming into being here in Ghana would depend solely on your what your Apostles say.

Question: What advice do you have for the Youth in general in their life of faith in this turbulent world?

DAp: At the earthly level, do your best to learn and develop yourselves. At the spiritual level, be faithful to Christ, make Him the centre in your life, invest your gifts into the Church and Christ will bless you.

The full interview will be published at a later date