Waving the Nyc 2022 gathering goodbye
11 October 2022

The 2022 National Youth Convention (NYC) in Ghana came to its climax on Sunday October 9, with a divine service conducted by the District Apostle Michael Ehrich. He was accompanied by all active Apostles in Ghana and invited Apostles from Togo and Benin.

The District Apostle, on this special day, served the over 8,500 members, mostly youth, with a text from 1 John 1:3; …and truly our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ”.

The Southern Germany Leader expressed his joy over the events of the past three days at the convention. “I really enjoyed the activities from the past days; the various seminars, cultural performances and the musical concert” he said.

Go with a blessing
“Today is the climax of the NYC; the Divine Service, he continued. “It is my wish, that, every one of you receive the blessing of God today. That, everyone might receive a word from God today. The word that gives us orientation, by which we live and obtain blessings from the Lord. This does not mean a problem free life. We shall be confronted with challenges of life. However, we can trust in the nearness of the Lord and that He can open unto us, doors, and ways where none hitherto exist.”

Fellowship, a necessity for human co-existence
Expounding on the bible word, the District Apostle stated that, fellowship is an important spice to quality coexistence of mankind. Citing the youth convention as an example, the District Apostle explained that “we have experienced togetherness over the past few days; we could talk to each other and perform tasks together”. This is fellowship; he stressed. “As humans we need fellowship.”

He further added that there are two levels of fellowship: earthly and spiritual.

Fellowship on the earthly level
According to the District Apostle, those who wish to have fellowship on the earthly level require:

  • cooperation – The involvement of everyone in an activity promotes fellowship.
  • acceptance of rules - in a family, there are rules which each member must observe.
  • respect and tolerance for one another – fellowship thrives on our respect and tolerance of all.

He further asserted that fellowship also:

  • provides security – for example, to walk alone in the dark creates fear and insecurity, a walk in the company of others brings a feeling of safety.
  • creates unity among persons;
  • enhances trust in one another;
  • shapes and reforms good inner attitude.

Fellowship on the spiritual level
Here, the District Apostle explained that, we are in fellowship with our God and His Son Jesus Christ. To do so one must:

  • Have faith – Believe in the Triune God and His acts of salvation and His Sacraments;
  • Keep the commandments of God;
  • Contribute their God given gifts and resources to the growth and development of this fellowship;

He continued by saying that our fellowship with Christ and the Father offers future benefits;

  • The Lord Jesus promised “behold, I am with you till the end of time”. In this spiritual fellowship our security is assured. The Lord cares for us, protects us and guides us in all things.
  • We shall be with the Lord Jesus Christ and the Father for all eternity.  “Here we shall see Him face to face. This is a wonderful experience! The ultimate reward!”
  • It shapes our life in that, we grow more and more into the nature of Jesus Christ, through the word and sacraments.

“Let us endeavour to remain in the fellowship of the Lord”, the District Apostle said in conclusion. The Leader also urged all to endeavour to help the brethren, who for one reason or the other have left the fellowship to return to the fold.

The District Apostle was assisted by Lead Apostles Benjamin Ohene-Saffo (Southern Ghana, Togo and Benin), Lead Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenyah (Northern Ghana) and Apostle Amevor (Togo).

Retirements, Appointments and Assignments
As part of the service, our District Apostle placed five District Leaders into retirement, appointed five new District Rectors and assigned ten Deputy District Rectors.