Brothers and sisters from Nigeria singing “Awuarde Medase” meaning “Lord I thank you” in Twi
28 October 2022

The 2022 National Youth Convention (NYC) received guests from Nigeria. Fifteen brothers and Sisters led by Shepherd Ogbon arrived on Thursday October 6th. On the sidelines of activities on Day Two, NAC Ghana Reporter, Deputy District Rector Solomon Gottah caught up with the team after the morning’s session.

Reporter: A very warm welcome to you and the team, dear Shepherd. Akwaaba! How was your trip to Ghana and by what means did you come?

Shepherd Ogbon: Our trip was very peaceful. The team came in by air yesterday. May I quickly add, that it is a great joy for us to be part of this beautiful family from Ghana at the National Youth Convention; an amazing experience it has been so far.

Reporter: Dear Shepherd, it’s been day already for team since your arrival, what has been your impression so far vis-à-vis your expectations while leaving the shores of Nigeria?

Shepherd Ogbon: I must say, we had very high expectations especially to be assured of the future of the Church here in Ghana. Indeed we have not been disappointed. The programme outlines are very rich and the timing of activities on point. Everyone is busy with one task or the other. The large crowd of young people gathered here gives us joy that indeed the New Apostolic Church has its future guaranteed. The hospitality is top notch. We are very much impressed with the experience so far.

Reporter: Going forward, are there any particular events or expectations the team is looking forward to?

Shpeherd Ogbun: With what we have experienced, so far, we can only expect to participate in the activities of the day and be part of its success. 

Reporter: Thank you so much for your time. May I take my leave now as you have your lunch. And I believe you will become apostles of “Ghana Jollof” in the next few minutes.

Shepherd Ogbun:  (Team bursts into laughter) Yes, yes, yes, ‘Ghana Jollof’. But there are other dishes like, like... (he stutters a bit)...what’s the name…

Reporter: Banku...? (the Reporter intervenes)

Shepherd Ogbon: Exactly! (He exclaimed). Banku with okro stew would be a delicacy.

Both Reporter and Nigerian contingent burst out laughing. They must have enjoyed lunch and supper very much because later in the evening, our Nigerian guests surprised everyone when they sang in Twi.