District Apostle Ehrich and Sister Grace
4 November 2022

On a recent visit of District Apostle Michael Ehrich to Accra, he asked to see a particular chorister after the festive divine service. The name had escaped him, but not the heart and smile. He did not have to say much in description, we knew who he was looking for. It was Sister Grace Adu. And it appeared he had spoken about her to his wife, as she also wanted to eagerly meet Sister Grace.

A petite shy woman, but her smile and sacrifices piers above her colleague choristers. Bishop Ampadu, Chief Reporter & Editor, caught up with her for an interview.    

Bishop Ampadu: What convinces you about the New Apostolic Church?

Sister Grace: I believe this Church was truly established by Jesus Himself for mankind. He established this Church on the Apostles and I believe the Apostles will guide us to that place prepared for us by Jesus.

Bishop Ampadu: What do you remember about your first encounter with this Church?

Sister Grace: I remember Apostle Rockefelder evanglised to me and won me over. I was very happy. I felt anew and at home as I could experience the warmth of a fellowship that deeply understood the teachings of Jesus.

Bishop Ampadu: Did he baptise you?

Sister Grace: No. I had already been baptised in a different church. So I was adopted into the Church, and eventually Holy Sealed by him.

Bishop Ampadu: You are always smiling. What gives you joy in this Church?

Sister Grace: For me, I derive joy from the songs and purity of the word preached. It opens my mind spiritually and I know this faith and doctrine would lead me to eternal salvation.

Bishop Ampadu: You have been in this congregation for nearly 40 years. And I have known you since our days at Kaneshie, when this congregation numbered only 15-20 people. Are you happy about the current state of this congregation and Church?

Sister Grace: I am very pleased. We have grown beautifully in numbers and that gladdens my heart.

Bishop Ampadu: How do you feel about being a very respected member of the choir?

Sister Grace: I feel very honoured and glad within, that everyone accords me respect and courtesy.

Bishop Ampadu: This must be about the 3rd time the District Apostle has specially mentioned your name for acknowledgement and praise. How do you feel about it?

Sister Grace: Very honoured and humbled, I must confess. And I am also very thankful to him. I always pray for his continued success in his responsibilities.

Bishop Ampadu: What key message, from all the Chief Apostles you have celebrated divine services with, do you always carry with you?

Sister Grace: Continue to work and keep the faith till the return of Jesus.

Sister Grace has two children; a 50 year-old man and a 48 year-old lady. She hails from Akwamu Anyansu, in the Eastern Region of Ghana. When asked what legacy she would like to be remembered for, she could only afford a shy grin and giggle.

She does not have to speak for herself. We know her legacy. You see, Sister Grace is unlettered. However, she can sing almost every major New Apostolic choir song and anthem. At every major Church program, Sister Grace will be seen in the front row: an epitome of dedication and love for the progression of God’s gospel.

If not the longest, she is one of the very few long serving choristers of the Accra West district. And although a septuagenarian, Sister Grace can always be found on Saturday mornings cleaning the Accra Central Church without fail.

Her parting words was in the spirit of “Together in Christ”: “I would like us all to be one in faith and prayer, to unite our petitions placed before God as one massive, unified voice of and body.”