29 November 2022

Ninety (90) years is very long journey in one’s life. This is the story of Sister Ruth Akousa Okra nee Tetteh, a pioneer of the Ho Central Congregation and Church Choir, a Sunday School and  Confirmation Class teacher who turned 90 years on Sunday 20th November, 2022.

Sister Ruth is one of the devoted and hardworking members of the church. She was among the first people who started Sunday School classes. Due to her hard work and dedication to God’s work, most of her Sunday school children are now ministers of the church. In the choir, she sung alto melodiously and was the pillar of the alto part for many years. However, due to old age, Sister Ruth no longer attends divine services.

For about three hours, the choir sung hymns of exhortation and inspiration to encourage and uplift her soul on a recent visit. Deacon Patrick Kafui Klutse, on behalf of the choir, assured Sister Ruth that the Church and entire choir is strongly behind her and will continued to pray for her for God to grant more years to her years.

Following the visit is an interview by Sister Rejoice (Volta Central reporter) with Sister Ruth.

Reporter: Where and when were you born?

Sister Ruth: I was born at Agotime - Afegame near Kpetoe on Sunday 20th November, 1932, so today marks exactly 90 years when I was born.

Reporter: When did you become a member?

Sister Ruth: It’s a long story, where do I start from. I encountered Apostle Kwesi Parku somewhere in 1976 who sold the New Apostolic doctrine to use. Consequently, in the year 1978, we were sealed by Apostle Gottfried Schwaer in Ho. So you see, I am a pioneer of this faith.

Reporter: Yes truly, and you started Sunday School, How did you do it?

Sister Ruth: Apostle Parku approached me one Sunday and said look at the many children, what can you do for them. As an educationist, and a teacher, I organized them and taught them a song which gave birth to Sunday School in the congregation.

Reporter: I believe you must be proud in yourself now when you look at the growth of the Sunday School?

Sister Ruth: It is the joy of every mother to see her children grow into adulthood. They are now my blessing bearers. When I sit and hear them on the altar, I feel joy and satisfaction with.

Reporter: I am curious, how many Apostles have you served.

Sister Ruth: I have humbly served under five Apostles namely Apostles Parku, Amafu, Dzattah, Pidah and now Apostle Osei. I also know our Lead Apostle Ohene-Saffo very well, as a little boy following his father.

Reporter: Sister Ruth, any parting words?

Sister Ruth: I thank you all for your messages and I am my grateful to the Almighty God for being with me throughout these 90 years of life. He made it possible for me to see and experience the Holy Sacrament through His living Apostles. I will continue to hold unto the New Apostolic faith till the end. Let me end by saying to my choristers to be truthful to one another always. The truth will pave way for us as children of God to meet Jesus when He returns.