Deacon Samuel Appiah Dwomoh with his unique attire just before the Sunday service
30 November 2022

For Deacon Samuel Appiah Dwomoh, it felt odd attending a festive divine service on a Sunday morning without wearing his black tie. Moreso when the service was the climax of the National Youth Convention being conducted by District Apostle Ehrich. Ordinarily, this is the norm, but on this occasion he stood out. Our reporter’s lens could not miss him, and later engaged him in a little conversation after the service.

NAC Reporter: You look unique and nice in your attire. What inspired you to dress this way?

Deacon Dwomoh: I was wearing the usual black and white attire, with my black tie as our normal dress code for the Divine Service. However, I was prompted by a colleague that we are all wearing the blue polo shirts we were given. So, I decided to combine my tie with the polo shirt.

What are your impressions of the District Apostle, having witnessed him in a more informal setting?

Prior to the NYC, I had only seen him in person once at a divine service. However, over the last two days, I have really enjoyed his presence. I have seen a different side of him we don’t usually get. He is so friendly. He actually took time to interact and mingle with us, rather than just pass us by.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the opportunity to take a picture with him. But I managed to grab one with a Japanese sister as a memento of this convention (the Deacon says amidst laughter).

Did your face any challenges during these past 2 days?

Yes! The food! The distribution or serving of food could have been better. It was delayed, labourious, and not encouraging at all. I don’t know if the issue was peculiar to my Apostle area or the dormitory we lodged. It affected our punctuality to some programs.

What key things did you learn?

Oh yes! The District Apostle spoke directly at my weakness, especially on relating to and dealing with people in my fellowship. I am going back home ready to apply his message. I am very happy he addressed my weakness.

Which choir impressed you the most in the Night of Light and Music ?

The Bolgatanga choir.

Any message or advice to share?

Well, this might be an interesting one but I think it must be said. I believe this is a youth program and more youth leaders should be entrusted with and allowed to execute some common tasks.  I could see Apostles and Bishops running around and that did not sit well with me. Hopefully, similar future events would be handled differently.

(Interview by Priest Ebenezer Akyirem)